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Has leadership experience turning around a divided union

Has plans to increase access to quality healthcare and mental health services for all members

Hired a union-busting law firm behind the IAFF Executive Board's back using a personal email and paid them nearly $300,000 so far

Committed to vetting all top-level staff hires through the IAFF Executive Board

Only candidate who has committed to doing the job of IAFF General President full time




Has specific plans to address our Canadian and Federal members' unique needs


Mahlon Mitchell knows how to unite a divided union and restore the trust of its members – he’s already done it. Under Mahlon’s leadership as President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, the PFFW:

Unified locals across the state around a shared vision for growth, prosperity, and accountability


Refocused every decision based on how it would improve the lives of its members


Balanced the budget and reigned in unncessary spending to provide more resources to locals


Led the charge against anti-union governor Scott Walker and Act 10


Created an effective bipartisan political program to secure

stronger healthcare legislation for members and their families


Enhanced educational opportunities and made them more accessible to locals of all sizes


Built a charitable foundation into a $1+ million organization

to benefit communities across Wisconsin

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